DG Clima Open Days 2017

European Commission / 2017

On 9 May every year, for the anniversary of the Schuman declaration, the European Union celebrates peace and unity.

On this occasion, the European Commission opens its doors to all European citizens for them look closely at the EU's daily work and missions. 

In particular, the Directorate-General for Climate Action wanted to create an interactive exhibition stand that could carry out a strong message about the subject of climate change.

Communication agency ICF Mostra worked jointly together with Manythink and divided the available space into two zones: one that would inform tha audience, and a second one that would engage the audience in a game. Inspired by the famous game Twister, we developed a similar game that involved hands and feet to take concrete, positive, and accessible actions to fight climate change.

Manythink's creative team also supervised the production and the activity during the event to make sure all activities ran smoothly during the day.

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