MiniMip Game Box

DG REP / 2012

For the Directorate General REP (Representation of the European Commission in Belgium), we have developed the MiniMip game box set for children, 5 years and older.

Three stories are told in the box set (around the themes of Diversity and Tolerance, Healthy Eating Habits and Protection of the Environment). Based on the 3 stories, we have created 3 games around the given themes. We added and developed the character MiniMip (an extraterrestrial visiting our planet to see how we "do things"), to provide a "story glue" between the different themes.

All illustrations and the packaging were developed using manual drawings, scanned and manipulated ever so lightly on computer afterwards. The box also contains a coloring book, a rules booklet, and proposals for other activities children can indulge in to study the themes further (in a classroom or at home).

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